Tori Bowie died from child birth complication

Tori Bowie was a three time olympic gold medalist.

According to an autopsy report released by the orange country, Florida, medical examiner’s office Tori Bowie three times gold medalist died from complications of child birth.

Tori Bowie was found deceased on May 2 in his bed. the report says she was a 32 year old lady and estimated to be 8 months pregnent and there and there was evidence that says she had been in labour.

Bowie’s death was ruled natural and the report says that there had been ‘Possible complications including respiratory distress and eclampsia.

Eclampsia Happens when a women who had normal blood pressure suddenly gets or develops high blood pressure and protien in her urine or other problems after 20 weeks of pregnancy according to center’s for disease control and prevention some women can develop seizure or coma which is a medical emergency.

As study shows that nation’s total number of maternal death rate has been rised in 2021, where black women is twice as many as compare to white womens.

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