Who is Francis Suarez ? his entry 2024 elections

Mr. Suarez is entering republican presidential election race in 2024.

Francis Suarez is a two time mayor of Miami has announced his entry to 2024elections. he is a fresh face for the republican party

Mr. Suarez secured his position as mayor in 2017 with an overwhelming 86 percent of the vote, and he was re-elected in 2021 with an impressive 79 percent of the vote.

These substantial margins were largely due to the fact that he faced minimal opposition during both elections.

With a reference to one more, Mr. Suarez declared his candidacy and invoked his own catchphrase from a Twitter post he made in 2021 in response to a venture capitalist suggesting moving Silicon Valley to Miami. Mr. Suarez made headlines in 2021 by announcing his intention to accept his salary in Bitcoin and proposing that Miami should pay city workers, accept tax payments, and invest public funds in Bitcoin as well.

Mr. Suarez said “I believe America is still a shining city on a hill whose eyes of the world are upon us and whose promise needs to be restored,” he said, a day after filling the paperwork. “And I believe the city needs more than a shouter or a fighter. I believe it needs a servant. It needs a mayor. My name is Francis Suarez, and I am here to help.”

In response to Mr. Trump’s indictment in New York earlier this year, Mr. Suarez expressed his concern to The Miami Herald, viewing the Manhattan district attorney’s decision to pursue the case as “a slippery slope.” However, following Mr. Trump’s second indictment this month, he went even further, stating in a Fox News interview that it felt “un-American.”

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