Japanese Man Transforms Into ‘Human Dog’ with $20,000 Hyper-Realistic Outfit

A Japanese man named Toco has captured the internet’s attention by undergoing a unique transformation into a ‘human dog.’ With the help of Japanese company Zeppet, known for creating costumes for TV commercials and films, he spent $20,000 to obtain a hyper-realistic dog outfit, resembling a collie dog, which took 40 days to complete.

The Transformation Process

Zeppet, a company skilled in crafting figurines, body suits, and 3-D models, meticulously designed the lifelike dog outfit for Toco. Modeled after a collie, the costume replicates the appearance of a real dog walking on four legs.

The Video and YouTube Channel

Toco shared his extraordinary transformation journey on his YouTube channel named ‘I want to be an animal.’ With over 31,000 subscribers, the video depicting his human-to-dog metamorphosis has already garnered more than 1 million views. The video was recorded approximately one year ago as part of an interview conducted by RTL, a German TV station.

A Dream Fulfilled

In the video’s subtitles, Toco expresses that he has harbored a dream of becoming an animal since his childhood. By transforming into a collie, he finally realizes this lifelong aspiration, embodying his inner desire to be an animal.

Toco’s transformation into a ‘human dog’ has fascinated and intrigued viewers worldwide. With the help of Zeppet’s innovative craftsmanship, he was able to fulfill his dream of becoming an animal, leading to an extraordinary and captivating YouTube video that has captured the imaginations of over a million viewers.

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