Google Tests Faux Search Bar in Discover Feed for Seamless Search Experience

Google is continuously enhancing its user experience, and its latest experiment involves a faux search bar in the Discover feed. This feature aims to simplify the search journey for users, enabling them to find related content on Google Search directly from the Discover feed.

The Convenience of the Faux Search Bar

Google Discover, an integral part of the Pixel Launcher and Google app, offers users personalized content based on their interests. However, users often switch to the main Search app to explore related content after reading an article in Discover. The faux search bar is designed to streamline this process, providing users with a launchpad to initiate search queries directly within the Discover feed.

Evolution of the Faux Search Bar

Google started testing the faux search bar in June, placing it just above the recommended articles in Discover. It encouraged users to start their search journey on Google Search from the Discover feed itself. In the latest beta version of the Google app, 9to5Google discovered a new test that further enhances this feature.

Enhanced Faux Search Bar Functionality

In the updated version, the faux search bar above recommended articles now displays the search query text related to the recommended content. This means users can tap the fake search bar to instantly access Google Search results for the specific query without manually typing it out. This feature resembles Google News’ Full Coverage option, where users can explore different publications’ perspectives on a given topic. However, redirecting to Google Search offers a wider array of content, including videos, news articles, search results, and shopping links.

Availability and Future Improvements

As of now, the faux search bar is visible only in the Discover feed powered by the latest Google app beta. Its availability in the stable version of the app remains uncertain, as beta features often undergo refinements before wider release.

With the faux search bar in the Discover feed, Google aims to simplify the search process for users, making it easier to find related content directly within the Discover feed. By providing instant access to Google Search results for the suggested query, this feature enhances user convenience and access to a broader range of content. As Google continues to fine-tune its beta features, users can expect further improvements in functionality and appearance.

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