Accident 15 dead after bus collides with truck

A tragic incident in Canada resulted in the loss of 15 lives after a collision between a bus carrying seniors and a truck.

According to police reports, the bus was en route to a casino when it crashed into a semi-trailer truck in a remote area of Manitoba, Canada.

In a tragic incident near a highway intersection in a rural area of Manitoba, Canada, a bus transporting seniors to a casino collided with a semi-trailer truck. As a result, 15 individuals lost their lives, and 10 others sustained injuries, according to the authorities.

Rob Hill, the Commanding Officer of the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police, confirmed that the bus involved in the collision was carrying a total of 25 individuals.

Authorities in Manitoba have mobilized all available resources to respond to the incident. Ten of the passengers have been transported to nearby hospitals for medical treatment.

According to RCMP Superintendent Rob Lasson, both the drivers of the bus and the truck involved in the collision are alive and receiving medical treatment at the hospital. However, it is unclear whether they are among the 10 individuals listed as injured. The unfortunate fatalities primarily consisted of seniors.

According to RCMP Superintendent Rob Lasson, the bus was traveling south and would have encountered a stop and yield sign at the intersection. He explained that the bus was crossing the eastbound lanes when it was hit by the eastbound truck. Determining who had the right of way is crucial to the ongoing investigation into the incident.

RCMP Superintendent Rob Lasson acknowledged the public’s shock and the many inquiries they were receiving. He emphasized that the magnitude of such a tragic loss of life is always a difficult experience for everyone involved and that it is not something that can be easily accepted or normalized.

The accident occurred in Carberry, a city located 170 kilometers (105 miles) west of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba.

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