Donald Trump- Everything you need to know


Donald Trump indictment

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Trump has been charged over Handeling classified documents after he left the white house.


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According  a former national security analyst, while this may not significantly influence undecided voters but it is likely to rally trump suppoerters

Wealth of Donald 

Donald Trump's net worth is not public but it is estimated by verious orgnization, Forbes estimated it at 2.5M USD. Meanwhile Mr.Trump Claims it much higher.

Donald Trump 

Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election as publican nominee against the Democrate nominee Hillary Clinton. 

 Donald Trump made history he became the frist former U.S. president to face a fedral criminal indictment.

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No Former U.S. President Has Faced Fedral Charges

Donald Trump v.s Joe Biden

On November 7, Joe Biden defeted Donald Trump And became the 46th President of United States.
Joe Biden became president on january 2021 

The third President in U.S history to be impeached

He was the third president in U.S history to be impeached Twice by the U.S House of representatives. 

Twitter Suspendid Trump's Account

On January 2021, Trumps Twitter account has been suspendid, Twitter said the decision was made " after review of trump's recent tweets back in 2021.

What Would Heppen Next?

Donald Trump been asked to appear at a federal  courthouse in miami next week, Legal expertes have said that Mr.Trump might face Jail